Friday, December 31, 2010

Work in progress: 18th century cats

This is my newest project. I wanted to portray  our cats in a way that reflect their caracters in the best way. Cats are the most elegant creatures, so I decided to paint them in the fashion of the 18th century. From top till bottom we have: Squizzy, who is actually our neighbour cat, but is part of the gang ;-) He is representing a messenger boy.
Lux had to be the cook, because you always can find him in the kitchen.
Then there is Tau(tje). He is the most aristocratic cat I've ever seen. He's acting if he is the king, so I made him the baron. The painting is almost done, but I think he has to have bigger ears.
The last one has te become Burberry, but she (obviously) is not finished yet. When she's done she will wear coat with Burberry tartan. Burberry is the baroness, because she always
acts like one.

I am very satisfied with the results so far. I only have to think of a character for Nikolai, our other cat. Maybe he will become the court jester, but I'm not sure about that. When I am completely done I will show you the result of course!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aurora Borealis

The most fascinating  phenomenon of nature has to be the Aurora Borealis. I can't be totally sure ofcourse, because I've never seen it. But I can't immagine something more beautiful. With the beautiful winterlandscape surrounding me I can't stop thinking about it.
Last year I saw an amazing documentary about it, featuring Joanna Lumley (from Ab Fab). She always dreamt about seeing the Northern Lights. As a child she had a book about a penguin how saw the Northern Lights and was fascinated about it. With is a bit weird ofcourse, because there are no penguins on the North Pole. But that is were here own fascination started. My own fascination started with the books of David de Kabouter.
Happens to be Joanna Lumley is also a vegetarian and she likes to draw, which she shows in the documentary.
I recognised a lot of myself in that documentary and in her.
When she finally gets to see the Aurora Borealis she is completely overwhelmed and gets a bit emotional.
It's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. You can buy it on DVD. But it's also on YouTube in parts. You can see the first part here:

When I see this I'm so eager to go to Norway and see it myself. I can't wait to finally go there. Because it's one of my childhood dreams. I remember sitting in front of the telly, watching a documentary about Norway. There was a scenery of fjords and I said to my mom: "I want to go to the fjords!", or something like that. I also was totally addicted to Niels Holgersson and Wicky the Viking.

I think many artist can find inspiration in the Northern Lights. I've seen some beautiful painting on the net. Some even specialise in painting it. I was really impressed with Ken Farrar's painting (he is Canadian).
You can see them here
I don't know if the following band got inspired by the Northern Lights, but you have to admit, the music and the movie are very well matched. It's a time lapse video from National Geographic with music from the Scottish band 'Boards of Canada'. Watch it on full screen with headphones. ;-)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ode aan de sneeuw

This song is in Dutch, it´s an ode to the snow. Written by Willem Wilmink, the singers are Daniël Lohues and Herman Finkers.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bye, bye Etsy...?

I'm a little sad...because I can't open up an Etsy shop. I need a creditcard to do this and unfortunatly I don't own one. I checked my banks' website and it said that you have to pay € 20 per year for a creditcard. I now it's only once a year, but I think it's a lot of money for something you normally don't use. Grumble! I hate it! I allready desgined a logo for my shop and photographed some of my articles....

This would be the name and logo for my shop. It's named on the edge, because I live on the edge of the Netherlands. That's what the green hill (dyke) and little waves stand for.

I also made these pictures of my finished products:

 Sooo, now what? I could of course open up a webstore, but I don't have enough product to fill an entire shop. Gaaaaaaaah I don't now! Anyone who has an idea?
Oh, yes I forgot! I also made a Christmas garland :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

King Winter

As many of you may now, I love the winter! Every mornig when I wake up, the first thing I do is take a peek out of my window to see if the night brought me some snow. When I woke up friday the 26st there was actually a lot of snow! Which was a bit of a surprise to me, cause I didn´t expect so much! It was only november when King Winter made it´s entrance.
Obviously I haven't made this myself. I  just love this picture and decided that it would fit my post. So if anyone doesn't wan't this picture to me at my blog, sent me an email.
Yes, I edited this picture ;)
Last friday it snowed again! The first time we got 6 centimeters and now there were another 6 centimetres of lovely white crisp snow :) It was pretty cold with the wind coming from the east, but I don't mind. I have a hat from real wool and a jacket with fake fur, which I don't like at all, but it's nice and warm. Our cats go a bit mad, they wan't to be outside and inside at the same time! So we keep running at the door to either let them in or let them out...
The only one who doesn't go out is Lux. He stays in all the time to sit on my lap and wait for food. :)
I've made some lovely walks in the snow with my mom. But sadly the snow's melting away now. At night it's still freezing so the roads are getting very slippery out here.
I do hope we get more snow, but the winter is just beginning, so there's a fair chance.

Aah, beautifull, isn't it?
Goodnight to you all!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A fine cold day in the city

These are bags made from ties.
I already posted a blog about the fair (with handmade products) in Dutch. So for all the people who can't read Ducth, a brief introduction. Last sunday there was a fair at Groningen. People only sold their handmade stuff that day and some materials with which you can make your own stuff. So me and my mum decided that we had to go there, because we love to see handmade things. And off course we hoped we could buy some materials to make our own things.

The fabric, lace and CD
So, yesterday we went to Groningen. It was very cold (poor people who have to stand all day at the fair!) but it was fun! It was so nice to see all the different things people made of different materials. I didn't buy any handmade objects, because most of the time I thought, well,  I can make that myself easily. So I only bought a piece of lovely vintage fabric :D (yay for vintage!) and some vintage lace :) After the fair we did some more shopping in Groningen I bought a nice green sweater and a Nick Drake CD.
We spend the night at Michael's (my mum's boyfriend) place. Because we wanted to go to another shop which wasn't opened on sunday. When we left the house this morning, it was snowing, with really big snowflakes :D! There also was a student protest in the city, because the government wants to make studying almost impossible for all students and students-to-be. If you want to read more about this subject, my good friend Nelson wrote TWO(!) blogs about it (in Dutch) so click :)

I also had to buy a new mobile phone, because my is completely blue, so I can't see what I'm doing anymore :P Now I've one with a Qwerty keyboard, because this was a cheap one and I don't want to spend a lot of money on a mobile phone. On our way to the multimedia store I saw something that reminded me of a person who means a lot to me! Do you want to know what is was? Scroll down ;)


Friday, November 26, 2010

Top 2000

Something for the dutchies again!

Elk jaar begint het december-gevoel weer in november. Als we weer mogen stemmen voor de Top 2000! Het uitzoeken van de beste 10 en nu zelfs 15 nummers, kost mij meestal wel een uur, als het niet langer is. Maar al zoekende krijg je weer dat gezellige, spannende gevoel, want het is (bijna) winter, de feestdagen staan te wachten en natuurlijk de Top 2000 op radio en TV! Daar kan ik mij elk jaar weer op verheugen. het wachten tot jouw platen voorbij komen en het kijken naar de Top 2000 quiz. Mijn lijst voor dit jaar is:

Beatles - Norwegian wood (1965)

Kinks - Sunny afternoon (1966)

Boudewijn de Groot - Picknick (1967)

Who - Baba O'Riley (1971)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Almost cut my hair (1971)

Yes - Roundabout (1972)

Steely Dan - Do it again (1972)

J.J. Cale - After midnight (1972)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - I heard it through the grapevine (1973)

Electric Light Orchestra - Evil woman (1975)

Bob Dylan - Hurricane (1975)

Neil Young - Like a hurricane (1977)

Cure - Close to me (1985)

Talking Heads - Slippery people (1985)

Pearl Jam - Just breathe (2009)
En de vrije keuzes:

Vashti Bunyan - Train Song

Leonard Cohen - The Avalanche

Jeff Buckley - So Real

Nick Drake - Northern Sky

Brian Eno - This

I woke up in fairyland :D!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home made

I finished another object for my Etsy shop-to-be! It's a tiny owl purse :) Because I love owls and I want to make as much as possible things with animals on them. Ta-daa:

Again this one's made from felt and the owl has shiny eyes :D

That's not the only thing I've been up to the past days. I also made a sticky toffee cake! I often heard or read about it, and it always sounded very appealing to me! So when we had some dates lying around in the kitchen I decided to grab them and turn them into a divine sticky toffee cake. Using this recipe.

This is how my kitchen looked like when I was finished :P

Hm, this doesn't look very appealing, huh. But wait 'till it comes out of the oven.

Yum, this was so good! Especially the toffee sauce ;-)

Well, now I'm going to do some sleeping. See you guys later :)!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wolletjes en zelfgemaakte dingetjes! (Something for the Dutchies)

This post will be in Dutch, cause it's only interesting for the Dutchies amongst us ;-)

Ja eindelijk! Leuke evenementen voor breiers, spinners, vilters, etc.! Volgende week zondag (28 november)hebben we een heuse 'Die zijn leuk!' markt in Groningen. Op de vismarkt worden allerlei zelfgemaakt dingetjes verkocht. Maar ook kun je breiwol, stoffen en andere dingen kopen om zelf aan de slag te gaan. Klik hier voor een overzicht van alle standhouders. En last but not least, wordt er op 17 december een heuse Midwinterwol georganiseerd! Volgens de website een markt voor alle wol-, spin-, brei-, vilt- en weef-liefhebbers! Op de markt zijn tevens verschillende demonstraties en workshops, dus genoeg te doen en waarschijnlijk weer veel te veel leuke dingen om te kopen :-P!
De Midwinterwol is in Boven Pekela, dus ik weet nog niet precies hoe we daar moeten komen, maar daar wordt vast wel een oplossing voor gevonden :-) Klik hier voor meer informatie over de Midwinterwol. Ik heb nu al zin in deze leuke markten!

Weekend cooking

I love to cook and bake. I can´t decide what I love more. But I do both things on a regular basis and people seem to like the things I make very much. I´m pleased to hear that, because I don´t use recipes that often. Most times I just throw some things together and like magic it turnes out to be edible. So I can´t always give you the recipes, because often I don´t even remember exactly how I made it ;-)

Friday evening pumpkin soup.

Saturday morning ciabatta's

This was the first time I made a ciabatta myself! It's quite simple to make, but you have to keep in mind that making a biga involves 12 hours of waiting. So you can do that the evening before you want to make a ciabatta. Then the biga can rise in the night. The dough has to rise 1,5 hours and later on another 30 minutes, so keep that in mind! I can give you the recipe of this one, because I didn't figure this our myself. Unfortunately it's only in Dutch, but there are lots of ciabatta recipes on the net. If want the recipe: click

This is how I love to eat my bread. First a layer of cream cheese and on top a layer of 4 fruits jam. It's reminds me of cheesecake :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn Magic

I love to see all the handmade things on diffrent blogs. One item in particular caught my eye. It´s this beautiful autumn light from Twig and Toadstool. When I saw it I instantly wanted to make it myself. But first I had to gather some beautiful red leafs, a glass bowl and some glue/coat. I found some wonderfull leafs and pressed them between a pile of books for a couple of days. Next I went to the secondhand shop to buy a glass bowl. I bought different coat then Twig and Toadstool, because I couldn't find any Mod Podge here. Maybe I should have waited and try and get it, because now my lantern is a bit stripy and I don't like it, but hey it was my first try! It's still turned out lovely, but I think I painted to thickly with my coat.

It begins!

You have to paint a layer of coat on teh bowl itself. Then put the leafs on it. I think it's the best to let the first layer dry a bit, because if you put the second layer on it to quickly, the first doesn't have enough time to dry. Maybe this is different if you use Mod Podge... The coat is first very white, but when it's dried properly, it will turn out transparant. I used a mat coat, because I didn't want it to be too shiny.

First layer of coat and leafs. I don't have a picture of the coated leafs.

After this stage you paint another layer of coat over the leafs, so they will stay put. Let it dry and this is what it looks like in the end: ta-daa!

And voilà, my magic autumn lantern.

And a close-up. I love close-ups!

Maybe some of you already know. I'm planning on opening an Etsy shop, somewhere soon. For the people who never heard of Etsy: click
Mostly all teh things are handmade, but people also sell vintage stuff. It's so nice to see al; the handmade stuff, and it inspires me so much to make things. Some years a go I made myself a pen case from felt. I've made it all my hand, even the sewing, and it turned out lovely. Now I wanted to make another one, to sell on Etsy. The autumn inspired me to make a squirrel/toadstool case. Again it's made of felt, and all the sewing is done by hand, because it's to small to do it with the sewing machine I think. The tiny toadstool is made from selfdrying clay, painted with acrylic and covered with translucent nail polish.

The squirrel side.

And the toadstool side.

And a close-up of the toadstool lucky charm.

Hopefully you can buy it in my Etsy shop soon. But I have to make more stuff before I open it. I'm now making a tiny owl wallet. I have lots of ideas, so this winter I'm cutting and sewing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No I don´t want a coal generator in my backgarden!

For the dutchies I guess I don´t have to explain what is going on in the ´Eemshaven.´ Cause everybody is talking about the new coal generator that Nuon is building there. They're actually planning on building a third one (there already is one.) The third one should by build by Essent. When I stand in my room at night I can see al the lights from the generator peeking out above the dyke. When I stand in my room by day I can see some yellowish smoke rising up from the generator. And when I make a nice walk on the dyke or when (in the summer) I spend a day out between the sheep I can see the ugly thing, polluting my lovely view, but even worse, the environment. Here you can see how close the damn generators are to the place I live in. The lowest cirkle is approximately around my house, and the upper one is where the first generator is, and the 2 others will be.

The worst thing about it all is that the generator is situated next to the 'Waddenzee,' which belongs to the World Legacy! Greenpeace has begun a public protest against Essent and Nuon. Almost all people in the Netherlands get their power and gas from one of these companies. Greenpeace wants them to switch to another company if Nuon and Essent continue to build the generators. I think they made a great commercial against Nuon, but sadly nobody wants to broadcast it on TV or Radio. Here it is:

For the dutchies here is a link:
You can send Nuon or Essent a protest email.

I do hope Nuon stops building! I'll keep you up to date about the campaigns and (hopefully) their results.
That's it for now!

Love Nienke

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New stuff

I finally completed my Drops cardigan! With a little help from my mom, who did the crocheted edges (thank you !) I think it turned out very well and I love to wear my first made garnment. Well the first piece of clothing I made for myself.

Here it is, and yes, you can also see my glasses, smart huh?

Next to my knitting projects I've also done some painting. I made two new paintings. One for my grandfather who is in a rehabilitationclinic and another one just for fun. I realy like to paint these days. Normally I only did pencil drawings, but I rediscovered the arts of painting a while ago and now I like it very much.

This is the one I made for my grandfather. It's his birthtown.

And here is a fox I made.

Now I have to knit a hat for India, since I posted a blog about it. After that I think I'll start on a pullover for myself.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knit a hat for India

This week I saw a flyer from "Save the Children," wich is a international child rights organisation. They've got a project that's called "Project India." Save the Children started a new campaign, to stop child mortality in India. You have to knit a hat for new-born children, to stop them from freezing to death. You can download a pattern for a hat here: (in Dutch!) In many knittingshops you can get 25% discount on Phildar yarn.
If you're done, you can send your hat (up to February 27) to:

Save the Children
‘Brei een muts’
Postbus 95925
2509 CX Den Haag

So grab your knitting needles and start knitting!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Presents! Everywhere presents!

It's not Christmas yet, still there were everywhere presents! Ofcourse it was my birthday about a week a go, as many of you may know. I got lots of wonderfull presents! As I told you guys before I got a spinngwheel, a sheep fleece and books about natural dying. From Ivonne I got a book about spinning, so I'm very pleased with that one and eager to try it! My grandparents and uncle and ant gave me money, so I ordered CDs and glowpoi's at the internet :D! And lucky me, I also got a bookcoupon (ja boekenbon) a hot water bottle (yay, no more cold feet!) a knitting basket(to keep my yarns and neeldes away from, little gripping claws) and incense! Now I can order the next book in the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon. I'm still reading 'The Fiery Cross' at the moment.
But the day after my birthday I found a surprise in my mailbox (online). There was an email from Nuon (public utility) that said I had won a box with knitting supplies!
It contains a pair of knitting needles nr. 6, a knitting magazine and 5 skeins of yarn!
But I was not the only one that got presents. I gave one as well. Past month I spent much of my time on making a [real gentleman] slipover for Ivo. Last wednesday I completed it! It turned out so lovely and Ivo is very pleased with it!

Like I said, a Real Gentleman!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A lot to tell!

First of all I have some good news and second, wait...actually it's all good news! Our weekend was a bit hectic, cause Melle was missing since thursday evening. He walked to the trainstation together with Ivo, but he couldn't find his way back home :(! So we put a advertisement on the net to ask if someone has seen Melle. The next morning (!) we got a call from a woman who said Melle was at her place. They saw him walkin around at the street and took care of him! We were so happy and thankfull that they had called us immediatly. We made muffins as a reward. So now Melle is back home and he ate three bowls of food, because he was so hungry! He even growled while eating. And now he is fast asleep.
Well, all of you who can read Dutch know that my grandfather was in hospital for 5,5 weeks a while ago. After that he still had pain, practically every day. His foot hurt so much and it never cured properly. So he had to go to the hospital once more. There they cleaned his foot, but after that he still had pain. So they decided to amputate it. It may sound awfull to you, and ofcourse it's not something you look forward to. But my grandfather often said, please let them amputate it, cause then I don't have to suffer every day. So he is in peace with it. Now he is in a rehabilitation clinic to learn how to walk again, and surely he'll get a prothesis. He is very optimistic and wants to practise every day! He has a room with enough space to make an little painting, so that's what I'm going to do next (and knit Ivo's slipover ofcourse.)
I still working on that one, it looks rather nice. I'll put a picture on Ravelry in a couple of days. In the meantime I knitted a neckwarmer, it was very easy and super fast to knit. So I think I'm going to make a couple more in different colours, or to give away.
That's it for now. Sleep tight!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three hurrays for the sheep with their fluffy fleece!

From now on I will write my blog in English, so people from all over the world can read my weblog. I've some exciting news to tell you! Since a couple of days, I'm the owner of a beautiful old spinning-wheel.

Here it is! What a beauty, isn't it?

I got it from my mom as a birthday present (my birthday is in two weeks), along with three books about natural wool dying. The woman I bought the spinning-wheel from told me her mother used to spin wool from their own sheep on it! Along with the spinning-wheel I got a set of three spools and two of them still got home-spun sheepwool on it. Also a pair of combs is included.
So I'm very happy and very excited to try the combing, spinning, washing and dying of wool! Oh! I almost forgot to tell I also got myself sheep fleece (ja een schapenvacht mensen :))! Well, actually it's another birthday present, from Ivo. Now I only have to figure out how to spin and gather some plants to dye my wool.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Melchior den Roode Ridder

Helaas, helaas er kan niet meer gestemd worden. Ik zag dat de stand ondertussen gelijk was, maar ik moest vanmiddag om 2 uur beslissen. Melchior is de naam, maar we noemen hem Melle. Deze prachtige heer is ontwormd en ontvlooid en kan er dus weer tegen aan. Hij kan spinnen als de beste en is ontzettend aanhankelijk. Melle ligt graag op schoot en
vindt het ook leuk om met de andere katten te spelen!

Wat een schoonheid hè?

Dinsdag zijn we terug gekomen van vakantie. In het begin van de twee weken was ik ziek, dus ik heb het gevoel dat ik maar een halve vakantie heb gehad. Het was gelukkig wel weer erg leuk en we hebben enorm veel bezoek gehad dit jaar. In Norg en omstreken hebben we ontzettend veel reeën gezien en we hebben natuurlijk veel fietstochtjes gemaakt zoals elk jaar. Jammer dat het er nu al weer opzit, maar we gaan vast nog een keer een dagje naar Norg dit jaar. Volgend jaar staan we sowieso weer op de camping. Voor de mensen die nog niet weten op welke leuke camping wij altijd staan:
Uiteraard hebben we ook een dagje gewinkeld in Assen. Ik was al een tijdje van plan om een nieuwe gitaar te kopen en in de muziekwinkel van Assen zag ik de perfecte staan! Het is een semi-akoestische mèt versterker, draagtas, draagriem etc. van het merk Stagg. Zonder versterker is het geluid niet beter dan mijn andere gitaar, maar met klinkt het heel leuk. Sinds een tijdje lukt het me ook om te zingen en gitaar te spelen tegelijk, dus dat klinkt nu leuk met mijn nieuwe gitaar. De foto van de gitaar houden jullie nog te goed.

De foto's van de brillen krijgen jullie ook pas later te zien, omdat ik mijn bril nog niet heb. Vandaag heb ik het montuur besteld en als dat binnen is worden de glazen besteld. Ik ben heel blij dat er eindelijk een oplossing is gevonden voor mijn hoofdpijnklachten! Nu zal het studeren in de toekomst een stuk gemakkelijker gaan :)!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Even een korte update. Ik heb van Ivo een kat gekregen. Die mag uiteraard alleen bij hem blijven en niet naar Delfzijl verhuizen. Maar morgen krijgt de kat een paspoortje en ik weet nog steeds niet welke naam ik hem moet geven! Doe dus de poll, a.u.b. morgen zal ik foto's maken en ze uploaden :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Familie uitbreiding

Sinds een aantal dagen hebben we er een nieuw familielid bij. Burberry de kat van de buurman woont nu officieel bij ons! Nu hebben we dus 3 katten en een buurkat die regelmatig op bezoek komt. Ze kan het ontzettend goed met onze eigen katten vinden, daarom was ze hier bijna elke dag. De buurman vond dat er maar eens duidelijkheid moest komen, in verband met het eten. Wij zeiden natuurlijk direct ja, toen hij vroeg of wij haar wilden hebben.
Dit is de mooie dame.

Ondanks de hitt heb ik toch van het warme weer genoten. Samen met Ivo heb ik gekanood bij Ekenstein. Voor mij was dat de eerste keer, dus ik moest nog wel even wennen! Maar het ging heel goed en het was heel goedkoop om daar kano's te huren, dus dat gaan we zeker nog een keer doen. Afgelopen zondag hebben we nog heerlijk gezwommen in een zout water zwembad hier in de buurt. Zo komen wij de zomer wel door.

Ivo in de kano.

En....*tromgeroffel* er is nog meer goed nieuws. Ivo en ik krijgen een bril. We wilden allebei graag een bril en zijn daarvoor naar de opticien gegaan. En wat blijkt, we hebben beide een nodig. De bril van Ivo is al in de maak, maar mijn ogen moeten nog verder gemeten worden. In ieder geval heb ik al een prachtige bril op het oog. Zodra we allebei gebrild door het leven gaan plaats ik een nieuwe blog. Zaterdag ga ik op vakantie, dus de komende twee weken komt er sowieso geen nieuwe blog post.
Fijne vakantie allemaal!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Zoals veel inwoners van Nederland ben ik gaan slapen met het idee dat PvdA en VVD gelijk stonden. Na een vreselijk spannende avond (het was nog spannender dat NL in de WK finale!) werd ik vroeg wakker, want ik wilde natuurlijk weten wie er gewonnen had. Met 1 zetel verschil is dat nu de VVD, maar ik hoop van harte dat PvdA en VVD nog gelijk komen te staan. De definitieve uitslag wordt echter pas dinsdag bekent gemaakt. Ik ben bang dat die hoop nergens op gebaseerd is. De mensen in Nederland zijn gek! Vol afgrijzen las ik net de reacties op het artikel "Welke coalitie wilt u?" van de NOS. De meeste mensen willen een coalitie van VVD+PVV+CDA. Met als verschillende redenen, voor een zo sociaal mogelijke coalitie... Beste coalitie voor een progressief nederland!... Een zege voor Nederland!
Weten mensen niet meer wat links en rechts is? Hoe kun je deze coalitie sociaal noemen? Wilders heeft zijn enige sociale punt al laten vallen. Zijn breekpunt zoals hij dat gisteravond nog noemde, de AOW blijft 65, wil hij zo laten vallen om te kunnen regeren! Deze coalitie is niet goed voor Nederland, zoals zo vele roepen! Niemand kan dan meer een huis huren en waar moet het heen met de zorg?
Ik ben zeer benieuwd hoe dit gaat aflopen. Raar dat iedereen nu roept dat men niet om de PVV heen kan. Toen de SP 25 zetels haalde kon men dat toch ook?

Om deze post niet te somber te maken even een vrolijk liedje, met een goeie tip, smile!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Als je zoals vandaag naar buiten keek zou je zweren dat het een prachtige, warme lente dag was. Maar schijn bedriegt. De wind wil maar niet gaan liggen en daardoor is het, hier langs de kust althans stervenskoud. In mei, verdorie, dan moet je zonder jas buiten kunnen lopen en ik liep nog in mijn winterjas vandaag! Maar de regen is wel weer goed voor de plantjes. Een aantal maanden geleden ben ik begonnen met mijn vensterbanktuin. De paprikaplantjes, vlinderbloemen en zonnebloemen staan inmiddels buiten en zijn al flink gegroeid. De tomatenplantjes staan nog binnen, maar beginnen nu ook goed op te komen. Mijn nieuwste aanwinst is een gele tomatenplant en een olijfstruikje uit de winkel. Hopelijk komen er olijven aan in ons koude kikkerlandje! Het schijnt dat we een warme zomer krijgen. dat is ook de reden waarom je in de kledingwinkels minder zomerjassen kunt kopen dan vorig jaar, volgens twee meisjes op straat....euh...natuurlijk.

Mijn verzameling potten met bloemen, paprikaplanten, tomaat, zonnebloemen, aardbeien en nog wat kruiden.

Hopelijk wordt het snel mooier weer, want dan kan ik heerlijk in mijn schommelstoel zitten. Na verzoek hier nog een foto, want die was ik bij mijn vorige post vergeten te plaatsen.

Wat is 'ie mooi hè?

Zoals bijna wel iedereen, kwam ik met Koninginnedag ook weer thuis met een koopje. Deze keer niet van de markt, maar uit een winkel die er mee ging stoppen. Ivonne en ik liepen langs die winkel en zagen in de etalage 2 paar rolschaatsen staan. Ja, van die échte ouderwetse, waar je als kind op rolschaatste. Het leek ons allebei fantastisch om dat nog eens te proberen en deze rolschaatsen waren er ook nog eens in prachtige jaren '80 uitvoering, met schreeuwerige kleuren en fluorescerende wieltjes! Wat wil je nog meer. Nou...ze waren ook maar 5 euro. En ze pasten ons allebei prima. Dus nu zijn we beiden in het bezit van een paar authentieke rolschaatsen. Die zo lelijk zijn dat ze weer mooi worden!