Monday, September 13, 2010

Presents! Everywhere presents!

It's not Christmas yet, still there were everywhere presents! Ofcourse it was my birthday about a week a go, as many of you may know. I got lots of wonderfull presents! As I told you guys before I got a spinngwheel, a sheep fleece and books about natural dying. From Ivonne I got a book about spinning, so I'm very pleased with that one and eager to try it! My grandparents and uncle and ant gave me money, so I ordered CDs and glowpoi's at the internet :D! And lucky me, I also got a bookcoupon (ja boekenbon) a hot water bottle (yay, no more cold feet!) a knitting basket(to keep my yarns and neeldes away from, little gripping claws) and incense! Now I can order the next book in the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon. I'm still reading 'The Fiery Cross' at the moment.
But the day after my birthday I found a surprise in my mailbox (online). There was an email from Nuon (public utility) that said I had won a box with knitting supplies!
It contains a pair of knitting needles nr. 6, a knitting magazine and 5 skeins of yarn!
But I was not the only one that got presents. I gave one as well. Past month I spent much of my time on making a [real gentleman] slipover for Ivo. Last wednesday I completed it! It turned out so lovely and Ivo is very pleased with it!

Like I said, a Real Gentleman!