Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin´

Is what Dylan said, now 47 years a go. But just like many other 'old' songs, this one could easily refer to modern times.
So why did I named this post after a Dylan song?
Because today it is January the first. The beginning of a new year.  But what started in the past year will continue in the next. And the changes are already showing. I'm referring to a couple of things, like the new government in the Netherlands and Wikileaks. The first I hate, the second I love. What I realy mean is how to life with the two. What we can do to change things or to make things more easy. Or just simply support good causes.
As it is the beginning of a new year, it seemed like a good day to post this blog. I started a few tiny changes myself. Realy tiny. But for me, very imported, and hey, it's only the beginning.
So what did I do?

1. I deleted my PayPal account, because they are refusing to let through donations for Wikileaks. As a Wikileaks supporter I didn't want PayPal to have any control over my bankaccount. So now I can't order stuff from Etsy if I've wanted to, but hey, if you stand for a good cause it doesn't matter ;-)

2. I said farewell to ABN-AMRO to join a Sustainable Bank, Triodos. I was playing with that thought for a while. But I decided I just had to do it. Because I don't trust the big and fancy banks anymore. Triodos invests in sustainable projects even in my own region. So it's easy to see where your money goes.

3. I switched to a new telecom provider, named Ben. Because it's the only one were you can change your subscription every month! It's feels much better to be free :)

This are my teeny-tiny steps towards a better year/world. I can't see how anyone is helped directly woth these actions, but I feel fine about it, that counts too doesn't it?
And as I said, it's only the beginning (tadum-tadum, drums playing ;-))
I'll make my next step when I have my new bankaccount. I'm going to be a Greenpeace supporter. Greenpeace don't accept gifts from companies or grants form the government, so they rely completely on their supporters.

Of course I will continue to eat no meat and eat and drink as much as biological/ecological products as I can afford.

Now, I made my first moves, what are you going to do? I'm very curious :) Tell me!..Please?
I wish you all, the most of luck and happiness for the new year.