Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thomas Dybdahl

It's been a while since you guys have seen me here. That's because my grandma is in hospital at the moment, so me and my mom have to look a bit after my grandfather. We cook diner for him and take care of the houskeeping that has to be done. We don't know exactly what my grandma is suffering from. She has a lot of pain coming from her back/hip, going all the wat through her leg. They made pictures and scans of it and there is something pushing against a nerve which gives her these pains. Last week they did a puncture, so hopefully we get to hear the results this week.

Now you all know what took me so long to post anything new. Because I still have to blog about this amazing Thomas Dybdahl concert I've been too.

He was giving a show at Vera, Groningen on the second of May. Since I am a big fan of him I had to go there. I only saw him once with his band 'The National Bank.' Now I finally had the opportunity to see a gig where he sings his own songs.
The show wasn't sold out, at all, so I didn't need the reservation I made for my ticket. But there was enough public for a great evening. They were so enthousiastic, just like me!
Before Dybdahl started playing there was a support act from the Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør. I already listened to a couple of songs from her on YouTube, but live she was even better!
Then finally the moment arrived that Thomas Dybdahl got on stage.

He played a couple of songs from his new album 'Waiting for that one great moment' which isn't actually his newest CD. He just brought out a new album, featuring no new songs, because he now has a new label at Strange Cargo/Universal, with a worldwide deal. So we are bound to here more of this great musician in the future! But luckily he also played many 'old' songs, not that I don't like the new ones :)
By the way, not all the credits go to Thomas ofcourse, because he also had an amazing band with him!