Monday, June 20, 2011

Husqvarna, dude!

I bought a sewing machine :D!!!
I’d seen this baby  in the window display before and then the other day it was in a market stall for just husqvarna50 euros! But I didn’t buy it and kept thinking about it. So I went back and they didn’t sold it and the actual price wasn’t 50 euros, that was just a market day offer. But in the end I got it for only 50 euros :) It is a very solid an therefore very heavy sewing machine, a Husqvarna 4710! It is a very groovy machine with it’s brown and orange colourdetails and it runs like a train ;) Now I only have to find something to sew on it. I’ve allready set my mind o a tunic with my lovely brown and orangy fabric I bought a while a go (it matches  my sewing machine :P) Maybe some of you remember it from my earlier post .

CIMG4945This is the fabric I’m talking about. I borrowed a book from the library, called ‘Tuniques’ in French (mine was in Dutch obviously!). There are some very nice and easy enough patterns in there. So you’ll see the product of it very soon on my blog I hope. Now I’m working on a knitted tunic, so that has to be done first. I don’t have my camera and my knitting in the same place, so pictures will follow later on. I’m making the whole pattern up, so I hope it works out! You’ll get an update on that subject soon.

Here’s my new sewing machine in it’s full glory ;)
husqvarna 2

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The abandoned garden

Since we are not much at home lately, our garden and plants got a bit neglected. Some plants were drowned by the rain, others dried out. But the damage isn't that big and we tried to water them every day.
In my last blog post I allready talked about the reason for us not being at home that much. Luckily I have some goodish news. My grandma is back home again, after she'd lain in hospital for four weeks. After some scans the docters saw 'something' in the coxa, that didn't belong there. They didn't know immediately what 'it' was, but it was sure that thing pressed on one of her sinews, which gave her terrible painattacs. After more examinations they've found out it is some kind of a tumor, in the lymph gland in her coxa (somewhere around the tailbone). Luckily this can be very well treated with chemotherapy. After one or two treatments the tumor will get smaller and the pressure on the sinew will decrease. We are glad they found the source of the painattacs and that it can be treated that well. My grandma will start her chemotheraphy at Tuesday. So I'll still won't be at home that much. I want to thank all the people who thought about my grandma, wished her the best and asked about her :) It was so sweet to see you all so concerned.
Let me show you my plants now, they deserve a little more attention.



Last year I had a big basil plant. It even got flowers! When the flowers died, I harvested the seeds, which I have sown this year. The chives and East-Indian cherry seeds are bought at the supermarket. But I also collected the pumpkin seeds myself. Last year I baked a pumpkin pie and I've dried the seeds to sow them. And now look what they've become :)! I cheated a bit with the tomato plant, because I bought that allready being a little plant. But still, it has grown pretty good! I snatched all the leaves, so the plant can put all its energy in growing the fruits.

Organic pumpkin
Basil & East-Indian cherry